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Boise Real Estate Snapshot: 9/1/2020

The Boise, Idaho real estate market is a hot commodity. Like many cities around the country in the wake of coronavirus restrictions being eased, there has been a rush to buy a home in the suburbs. Here is a quick snapshot of what the Boise market looks like, plus some facts and trends from the last couple months to indicate where the market is heading. A full market dynamics report can be found on

In July 2020:

  • 28.6% of homes sold were newly built. This was the second highest share in the country behind Raleigh, NC (source: Redfin)
  • The number of listings of newly-built homes decreased by 72.8%, the largest drop in the country. This was mostly due to COVID-19 stopping new home building for a couple months, deepening the housing shortage. (Redfin)

In August 2020:

  • Idaho’s economy was the top performer in the nation in August. Mortgage delinquency was at just 3.71% (Forbes) and Idaho’s unemployment dropped to 4.9%, adding 2,979 jobs (Idaho Department of Labor)

Boise, Idaho real estate market snapshot:




















































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