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How to Find A Good Home Inspector in Idaho: 3 Tips

Buying a home costs a lot of money, and so does maintaining a home. When you buy a home, you want to make sure you are not buying a home filled with problems and appliances about to break down. To arm yourself with knowledge of the home’s inner workings, get peace of mind, and have a powerful negotiating tool, you need to get a home inspection. Here are some of our realtor’s tips for finding a good home inspector in Idaho.

It’s worth the cost

There are many cases in real estate where spending a little money now saves a lot more money in the future. When searching for a home inspector, don’t get hung up on the fees of the home inspection. Cheaping out now could cost thousands down the road when water buildup causes problems or venting issues¬†create an unsafe environment.

Inspect the inspector

As of publishing this article, Idaho does not require home inspectors to be licensed or registered with the state. This does not mean that there aren’t fantastic, competent inspectors out there, because there are. This just means a little extra due diligence on your part. The two best ways to start are to search reviews online and ask friends for recommendations. When you call an inspector, ask for sample inspection reports to get an idea of the level of detail you can inspect. The more detail, the better.

In addition, check their website and ask on the phone what technology they use for the inspection. One important aspect to consider is if they will provide digital images and a fully itemized inspection report. This allows the buyer and seller to get the full, in-depth story of the home inspection. The more comprehensive the report, the better tool it will be for negotiations.

Tag along

Ask the inspector if you can be present for the inspection (this works for both buyers and sellers). Being present for the inspection helps you find the problems as the inspector finds them. This way, you know that you can also identify the problem, and you are not getting put on the hook for anything unnecessary.

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