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    North Boise Real Estate

    The North End is filled to the brim with Boise’s history. It’s hard to find two homes that look alike. Streets are lined with mature trees that are wonderful to look at in the fall. Hyde Park is a small retail square in the North End with fun shops and great local food. You can’t forget to get a homemade waffle cone from Goody’s. Nearby is Camel’s Back Park, which features a large grass field, playground, workout area, tennis courts, and, of course, Camel’s Back Hill. Take the steep way up for a challenge or hike around to access the Ridge To Rivers Trail System in the Boise Foothills. Be sure to come back in the winter for awesome sledding.

    The North End is also home to Warm Springs Avenue. Take a drive along this historic road to look at truly one-of-a-kind homes that were built a century ago or more. Many homes are heated by geothermal energy (just like the Capitol Building).

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