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Nampa, Idaho Real Estate

The City of Nampa, Idaho has its roots in agriculture. It made its mark from its fields of onion, mint, and sugar beet. Additionally, Nampa was home to a large cattle industry that provided meat, cheese, and milk. Since its farm town inception, Nampa has expanded quickly in recent decades.

Nampa sits between Caldwell and Meridian, which allows easy and short commutes to these cities as well as Boise. Nampa is known to be more affordable than Meridian, Eagle, and Boise, which has been helpful for young buyers. Nampa is also home to Northwest Nazarene University. This small private college is a draw in Idaho and the northwest for a great education and competitive sports. Many students stay in the area when they graduate, applying their education to the local economy.

One of Nampa’s biggest draws is the Idaho Center, which plays host to a variety of events and shows throughout the year. It is the home of the Snake River Stampede Rodeo, which was started in 1937 and is known as one of the best rodeos in America. Additionally, college basketball and track tournaments have been held here, as well as serving as the home for the Idaho Horsemen semi-pro football team. The Idaho Center draws top-tier musical talent from around the country, solidifying the Boise area as a destination for internationally-known musical acts.

Nampa is divided into three MLS areas. But no matter where you live in Nampa, you  live in a great part of town and are never far away from things to do.

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